ABOUT maisondelemploi bassincannois

What we do

We provide all types of assistance, but only the best assistance. When people ask what level of assistance we offer we immediately answer that we offer the highest level. Most often people will receive assistance but it will not be helpful. In all honesty, it is probably the worst assistance. This is why we only offer the best assistance, so that when you are getting assistance you know that it is the best in the business. If assistance was a service, we would be providing the best of it.

Stop settling for mediocre or poor assistance. You deserve better in your life and it is time for you to start telling yourself that this is a fact. If you constant demand the worst then that is all you are going to get in life. So start demanding the best with Maison.

At Maison Del Emploi we have created a system so that you can track our excellence. We are all about transparency which means we do not hide anything from you. With our brains are open as our arms, we welcome you to truly get the opportunity to learn.

We pride ourselves on offering quality, assistance, support and education. These four things, when combined, are the special ingredients to your successful lifestyle. We instill these values in you so that you will use them for the rest of your life.

Quality 100%
Assistance 85%
Support 95%
Education 82%

Blue Ribbon Facility
We have been awarded the Blue Ribbon each year since 2014 for our quality in services provided. This means that when you walk into Maison Del Emploi you are getting the very best in the entire world and arguably in the universe. Stop selling yourself short and get the assitance that you seek with the help of Maison Del Emploi.
Renovated Facilities
During these years we saw our stock truly rise in the education world. We went from a small school to being one of the most successful in the country. Thanks to an influx of donations from several of our alumni, we were finally able to compete with the big timers. Since these renovations we have not looked back.
Influx of Students
Word of mouth has been our best friend at Maison Del Emploi. We do not need to use ads or buy spots on television like some of our competitors. We know that our students will spread the word about what we have done for them which will in turn get us a larger enrollment rate. We were absolutely positively correct and we saw these two years present one hundred percent growth for Maison Del Emploi.
First Graduating Class
When you come from humble beginnings such as Maison Del Emploi it all starts with a vision. This is all that we had at first, until we started to execute that vision. In 2008 we graduated our first class and they all went off to do some fantastic things. From that point on our classrooms were packed and we even had to turn some students away. Success is what happens when vision meets execution.