Skills That Make a Student Awesome

2 Months ago
3 min read

Sugar, spice, everything nice, and a little chemical X. That was the formula to create the Powerpuff Girls. But what is the formula to create the best student? There are parents everywhere trying to shape their children to make them better, but what does better even mean? What should you expect of your child? How far is too far to push? These are not easy questions to answer, but you are going to need to find your version of an answer. Kids are all different and they respond to different things. Parents can only do their best to care for their kids and prepare them for the world. Here are some skills that make a student awesome and what you should look to encourage.


A lot of parents tell their kids early on that they are not good enough to be professionals in an artistic field because the odds of making a living can be slim, but the reality is that you can be great if you practice to get better and that is a choice that you can make, not a destiny that you are born into. Fostering creativity does not even have to be about arts careers, but you can take the skills that you build in art and use them for problem solving in the future. The best students are able to adapt and think on their feet and that comes through creative thinking.


I learned from a young age that expertise is valuable. When you are the expert in a valuable field, you can set your own market and be highly successful. To reach that expertise requires specialization and many kids are encouraged to specialize early to become experts early. That can work for some, but more often, you are closing yourself off to a variety of subjects that could interest you and at least spark your ability to grow. It is highly encouraged that you wait to specialize because building your skills in a variety of subjects will eventually help you even more when you find the specialty. There is no race to be an expert, so slow your roll and take it easy.


When it comes time to go to college, they want to see that you are constantly looking for new ways to grow. It is not so much that you have to be the best, but you have to try as hard as you can. It is not great to be in every single thing just for the sake of the resume boost, but you can show that you are looking to grow by always having a club, a sport, a job, a volunteer opportunity, or an internship in addition to school. As much as it is fun to hang out with your friends, you can find a little time to explore other interests and learn more about what it means to be an adult and a member of society. A lot of kids take that for granted, but colleges like to see that you are not innocent to the realities of the world.