Reasons for Foreign Study

5 Days ago
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Deciding to go abroad during your junior year of college seems like a rite of passage, but it is not for everyone. There are plenty of other great ways to spend the time, like interning, that can substitute for an abroad experience. Foreign study has its perks though and we are here to talk about the reasons that you are going to want to go abroad. Here are a few reasons to study abroad.

Travel the World

Some people are lucky enough to travel the world during their youth, but others are not as lucky. Even if you have travelled when you are young, you might not have had the chance to travel without the boundaries set by parents. They can provide a lot, but they can also get in the way. Going abroad can be your first chance to see the world for yourself and find your place among the people. You are going to find that you are able to see more about where you fit in the world when you see new places. Many students that go to Europe for study like to brag about the ability to travel throughout the European Union on their visas. Trains are not that expensive and some can use every weekend to explore a new country. It is an experience that you can’t match.

Learn New Cultures

Getting away from home also means that you are getting away from the way that you are used to living. You are probably going to realize pretty quickly that we live in a relative bubble in the United States, just as other countries live in their own bubbles. You will see that we can all find happiness and satisfaction in life through different means and we can have different measures for success. Some people learn what they are not interested in, which is also totally valid. You might find that you are much more grateful for the luxuries we have in America when you study abroad. Every place has its pros and cons.

New Friends

You are probably going to go abroad with a bunch of people in the same program and that group can become a tight knit family by the end. You also might meet new people in the place you go and find a whole new group of friends abroad. A thing to know for the people staying at home is that going abroad and Thanksgiving freshman year are the two times where the most breakups occur during college. A lot of people cut ties before they are going away for six months. It is to be expected. Some people think hopefully that they will come back single, but there is a fairly good chance that they come back with a foreign boyfriend. It is just how it works. That aside, you can really make deep, new friendships during this time. This might be where you grow close to the other students in your department that you never were close with before. It is a great time to hang with people.