Is Scholarship the Main Ingredient in Foreign Study?

1 month ago
3 min read

Going to college, you probably think that academics are going to be the focus most of the time. As much as you are there to learn, you are also there to grow in other ways. You can grow as much socially as you do academically through college. When you get ready to start really diving into your major in junior year, you are also going to be presented with options to go abroad and take your studies to a foreign land. That is exciting and you are going to get a lot out of it, but is scholarship really the focus when you are going overseas? I would say that it is a big part of the reason that you are going, but it does not have to be the chief factor.

When you get to the country that you choose, you are going to want to do a lot of different things and studying is not one of them. That said, you should make sure that everything is in order. Some of the fun of going abroad is that you are not going to have a full coarse load. You have a lot more time to goof off and have a little fun. As much as you can focus on the academics and improve your scholarly pursuits, you can also focus on the other things in life that are important to you.

Making new friends can be one of the most rewarding aspects of your abroad experience. You are all experiencing these new things together and having a group with shared backgrounds to come back to is something that can make the foreign experience a little more grounded. Many students form bonds with new friends abroad that they carry forward for the rest of their lives, so you too could find the people that you are meant to be around.

Beyond your friends and studies, going abroad is a time where you should explore and see what it is like to travel on your own. Party the way that they do it where you are. You are going to have so much more fun if you acclimate to the surroundings and try your best to fit in. When you get back home, you will come with a different perspective on the world. I met a girl who came back from Germany, where she said they do not have sheets other than a simple comforter. It was a small change, but one that she claimed was huge for her.

When you are abroad, you have the chance to see things that you have never seen before. You can visit the normal sites, but you can also find your own landmarks that will become the places that you create your own history at. The memories that you make while abroad are as important, if not more important, than the education that you get, so never think that scholarship is the reason that you are studying overseas. It is just one of many reasons to try foreign study.