How to Have Fun With Foreign Study

3 Weeks ago
3 min read

Going abroad is supposed to be one of the most fun times in your whole college experience, but it sometimes feels like it is the same old chore of school, just halfway around the world and with none of the same TV stations you like. Thank goodness for Netflix because otherwise, we would be watching the Hurgen Flurgen Hour like our parents did back in the day. Instead of staying inside and being the same American lump that you were back home, try some new things and enjoy your abroad experience. Here are just a few ideas that you can use to have a little more fun when you go overseas.

Food Tastings

I am just going to say right now that the top reason that anyone should travel anywhere is to try the food. Food is the best part of life because it binds us, it inspires us, it connects us, and it makes my belly feel really good. Tasting new things is one of the most fun things that you can do when you go abroad. Try the local cuisine. Chances are that they have some sort of animal that is not local to you and you can always try that meat. Have you tried kangaroo meat? It’s pretty good. We can get most of the same things in America, but they just do not taste as good as when you get them locally, cooked by the experts. When you go home, you will be the snob that tells everyone that it is nothing like the real thing.

Try On the Accent

This one might lose you some friends eventually, but start with me here and read all the instructions carefully. When you get to a place like, let us say, London, you are going to notice that the English is the same, but different. People call apartments “flats”, they call fries “chips”, and they call chips “crisps”. It is all a bunch of nonsense. When you are there, you are going to sound like the dumb American when you use the wrong terms. But remember, I said to listen close. When you get home, you need to go back to normal. Otherwise, you are going to be the dumb American who sounds like an idiot.

Party Like a Local

Go out with the locals. Ask someone that is from there what they would do for fun on a Friday night and go do that. You did not travel all this way to be the same person that you were. Try on some new hats, both metaphorically and literally. You might find out that you are actually a hat person. Who knew? You can never know who you are until you try and this is a chance to try and fail without so many consequences. You are going back home eventually anyway. (Note: do not take this to mean that you can act like a fool and the consequences will not come back to bite you. You are still required to follow the law. In fact, punishment might be worse where you are, so follow it tightly.)