Foreign Study: It's Not as Difficult as You Think

18 Days ago
3 min read

The words foreign study can be intimidating to some for several reasons. When we hear the word foreign we automatically think about something that is unfamiliar, but that is not always the case. Foreign study should be something that brings you joy and makes you want to step out of the confines of a traditional style of learning. There are so many opportunities available to you if you choose to participate in foreign study, you should not limit yourself out of fear. Thinking of foreign studying might make you think that you need to learn another language, but that is not the case at all. Several people go on foreign study excursions with no idea of how to speak the native language and they have the time of their life. Several of them even return with knowledge of the language that they did not previously have before their travels.

There are a multitude of options that you can participate in if you decide to study abroad and all of them are going to be beneficial to you as a student. One of the options that I like to see is when you are able to travel to several different countries with a group. This typically happens while you are in college and is for students who do not know another language. The group will take you to several different countries, typically in Europe and it is a great bonding experience. You meet friends that will last a lifetime and discover things about yourself that you did not know you were capable of achieving. It is enlightening and an eye opening experience that I recommend for any student who is trying to gain more access to culture.

These types of life experiences are going to last a lifetime and absolutely put you in the very best position to find success later on in your life. Employers want to know about your world experience because that is what will make a difference for their company and really add to the environment they are trying to create. Another style of foreign study is for students who want to be fluent in another language. This is usually for students who are in advanced level language classes and are a few months away from being completely fluent.

For example, if a student is learning Spanish they will go to Spain for a semester to really submerge themselves into the culture. They will also learn how to speak the language with people who have been using it their entire life. The absolute best way to learn a language is to actually live with the people. Millions of people learn new languages everyday without ever stepping foot in a class. Both of these types of foreign study are easy going and beneficial for you as a student. So stop being timid and start realizing that foreign study is not as hard as you might think.